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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  January 17, 2014 12:00pm-1:01pm PST

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to tahiti. they're still married. thanks nor being part of "the real story." shepard smith is now going to report live from the fox news deck. >> kris and the first lady, both 50, born on the same day. >> who know who else has the same birthday and same age right here at fox? gretchen and allison. >> wow. it your sister going beyoncé at the white house. >> i don't think she got her invite yet. >> mine was lost in the mail. enjoy the weekend. a lot of talk about the little league lawsuit. heard about this? yesterday here on "shepard smith reporting" we interviewed a former little league baseball coach who says one of his teenage players, young 'teenage, hit him with his batting helmet. that coach is now suing the family for half a million dollars, but he said right here yesterday, i'll drop the whole thing if the parents will apologize. i'll ask the parents if they're
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willing to make that happen. this young woman found out her father is not her father. the story is like nothing i've ever heard. her parents used a fertility clinic and it appears the ex-con who worked at the fertility clinic swapped the cups out and he had a whole wallful of pictures of other children he'd helped bring into the world. we'll speak with the mother and daughter about how they found out this incredible development and how they're dealing with and it how many other families did this happen to? let's get to it. good friday afternoon to you and yours from the deck. first this afternoon, president obama is calling for changes in the way the government keeps tabs on all of us. while in the same breath, the president took a swipe at the man who whose leaks uncovered this controversial surveillance. today the president said he wants to victim the national security agency of its ability to store phone records.
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he called for all spy agencies to right away start getting permission from a court before collecting such information. the president also ordered surveillance agencies to stop spying on the leaders of international allies. the president says the program played a role in keep are our nation save but understands why americans don't want the government tracking their lives. >> given the unique power of the state it's not enough for leaders say, trust us, we won't abuse the data we collect. for history has too many examples when the trust has been breached. our system of government is built on the premise that our liberty cannot depend on the good intentions of those in power. >> it's important to note we had no clue about any of these programs until ed snowden came long, and without ed snowden -- well, you decide. the president hardly raised -- praised snowden as a whistle blower. instead he said the leaks put the country in danger. many lawmakers support the
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president's proposed changes, but there are members in each party who say the proposals do not go far enough. there's push back from the right and the left, and then there's the big question. can president obama order these changes himself or does he need to goo to congress? -- go to congress which is never easy in a congress that does nothing. the president talked about balancing privacy and security. we got more of that today. >> reporter: and the fact that you're hearing some anger on the left, some anger on the right, makes people in the building behind me feel like maybe the president got it just right by coming down in the middle. we should also point out he sort of decided to not really decide because what he is saying is he believes the government should no longer collect these phone records, but that someone else should because it's an important intelligence tool, but he leaves it to the attorney general, intelligence officials, and leaders in both parties on capitol hill, to help come up
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with new ideas. does it go to the phone companies? at&t and verizon said they don't want. i or a third party. he is not deciding on that. so really had marks of his leadership style to say i've heard all sides and i'm still thinking it over. listen to this. >> those who are troubled by our existing programs are not interested in repeating the tragedy of 9/11. and those who defend these programs are not dismissis of civil liberties. the challenge is getting the details right and that's not simple. >> which is i would the final word has not been spoken. changes have to go through capitol hill to be codified by law, and the president saying today, one change he will be making is making sure that we're no longer spying on world leaders leak the german chancellor angela merkel. that was not flash point. but he had a caveat there saying if there's something in our national security interests we
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could listen in on another world leader. so again there's change here but not necessarily major change. >> you wonder if it's not a load of crap. i do, anyway. his saying we're not going to hold it anymore but if they can get it from news the first place, they can get it from the third party. what's the difference? >> that is why you're hearing some anger on the left. we should point out, some 0 on the left are giving the president praise. ron widen and mark udall, two more liberal democratic senators who have pushed hard for reforms, say they feel vindicated because the president is taking good steps. then you have another democratic senator, richard blumenthal of connecticut, said, quote, the president was stronger on principle than prescription. the president's reform blueprint, while bold and courageous, is a first step, leaving a lot of work to be done. part of that is that democrats have seen this evolution where the president is someone who first ran for office in 2007 and
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2008 blasting a lot of these surveillance programs when they were run by then-president bush, and then today an fox you had a bush architect, al gonzalez, the former attorney general, suggesting this president has largely got it like, like he believes president bush did. take a listen. >> having been in the oval office with president bush and understanding the danger and threat is this country deals with every day. i'm pleased the president does his job in ensuring the security of our country. >> so perhaps an evolution for this president on that and also an evolution in delling with edward snowden as you suggested. this prlly dismissed him as just a hacker that wasn't that important. but clearly edward snowden's leak led to this day where not just the president was forced to give this major speech, but also had to lay out this prescription. >> ed, thank you very much. let's get chris wallace on this. chris is the host of "fox news sunday" and follows this.
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i don't know. i myself am not believing any of them. because if they can they will, if they can, they do, and i'm sure they do and i always say hello to them when i look at the television each morning. >> let's make clear exactly hat the president said when it comes to metadata. the government is going to collect this information -- not the content of the phone call, but if i call you they'll know my number called your number, when i called, and how long the phone call lasted. that's he hay stack they say they need to find the needle. what the president is saying is -- turns out to be true -- there are a lot of complications and how you hold this information. the government holds it, people are upset with that. the potential of -- although there's no evidence of government abuse. phone companies don't want to hold on it to and if you give it to a private third party, who is to sigh there won't by abuses there, and that's what the president is saying. they're going to continue to collect the information but it's
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going to be held by somebody that the government, the president, and the congss work out, and they have to work it out because the authority for this expires at the end of march. >> his example for why this is necessary was for me a good one, and that is there was a phone call from san diego to the al qaeda folks before they blew up the building downtown here, and they knew the phone call happened but didn't know that person was in the united states. that would have been a nice piece of information have. >> exactly. we're going to have on sunday a debate between pat leahy, the senate democratic judiciary chairman, as well as michael hayden, former nasa director, and hayden sis if you want to find the need until the haystack you have to have the haystack so you have to nye if a bad buy overseas is calling a number in san diego or vice versa, so you can see what the contact is, who that person has been in touch with. so, i happen to believe that it's a good thing they have this data. i can -- the other being thing
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hasn't been mentioned in the discussion, now before the government can say, well, we want to check all the phone calls of this guy in pakistan, they have to get permission prom a judge so that's an adversary proceeding. >> i wonder if something is against this because their experience with the government is the tsa and they're just patting it down and creating lawsuits and stuff. i'm sure they're trying their best but doesn't help. wonder if they're not jaded because of that. i haven't found in the polls on that. you some commission one. there's football every you on sunday which i'm excited bat. >> i am, too, which teams are you picking? >> probably for denver, and you can't be for new england for anything. i'm for peyton despite it all. >> and seattle-san francisco? >> san francisco because my friend ronny herd played there, number 38. he was outstanding. all right, chris, have a
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good weekend -- you don't really get a weekend -- >> this is wednesday for me. this is hump day. >> his wife makes soup on the weekend. >> she does. >> one day after the state of ohio put a convicted murderer to death his family is now suing, claiming the method of execution amended to cruel and unusual punishment. what if it took 15 minutes to tell you. a never-before used combination of drugs so the government can kill a man. the government didn't do a good job of it. pretty disgusting. the details are next.
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block. >> a murderer was just executed. relatives of that just-executed murderer have launched a lawsuit, sailing the way the state executed hem was cruel and unusual, using an untested combination of drugs to kill the murderer. took him 25 minutes to die which is twice as long as the average lethal execution for injection. his name was dennis mcgwire, prison officials say they put him to death yesterday using a powerful sedative and a pain killer. it was reportedly the first time they used this method to execute anybody. the prescribe director says he believes it was humane and legal. but mcgwire's relatives say the result was far from that. >> saw him laying on the table, just gasping for air. his head kept coming up, and he just -- his mouth was wide open
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and he was making all kinds of noises. and it went on for a while. >> the daughter, who watched her father killed by the government. mcguire raped and stabbed to death a pregnant newlywed in 1989. there's no sympathy for him. her sister says her her -- she suffered pain and fear, and ha is with us. state officials admit this is the first time they've done it this way. what else are the saying? >> nothing yet from the ohio attorney general's office. he did say in a court document prior to the execution that even if the mechanism through which the drugs brings about death brings risk of discomfort, that does not amend to cruel and unusual punishment. a form prosecutor says she does not believe the family has a
12:15 pm
case against the state. >> i do think that they will look at what happened here and will review dosage and medication mix and mate be done different the new next time. doesn't meaning this was cruel and up usual punish. he was being executed. >> there are often lawsuits like this but usually before the execution itself. >> that's right. there have been several lawsuits where that -- that attempted to prevent an execution where new drugs were used, but experts could only find one other case where the family sued after the execution took place. that involved this man here, convicted killer killer who waso death in ohio in 2006. took the execution team almost 90 minutes to inject him and his mother claimed it was cruel and up usual punishment. well, federal judge tossed out the case by saying that -- citing supreme court precedent saying that pain alone does not
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establish a constitutional violation. >> thank you, lea. >> a lot of action on twitter after our interview with also league baseball coach who is taking a former player and his family to court over an incident on the field. now we're hearing from the family. the coach says he wants $500,000 for pain and suffering. he also says all he wants is an apology and said here yesterday, if i get an apology i'll drop the suit. could the family still be on the hook for hundreds of thousands of dollars after that? they will join us live next. ♪ [ male announcer ] how did edward jones become one of the biggest financial services companies in the country? hey. yours? not anymore. come on in. [ male announcer ] by meeting you more tn halfway. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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19 minutes past the hour. on. more on the former little puig playable coach who is suing a player and his parents for half a million dollars.
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yesterday we heard from the coach and we'll hear from the parents. the coach claims last spring the 14-year-old carelessly tossed his helmet in the air after his team won a game. something little leaguer does all the time. the coach says the helmet hit him in the leg and ruptured his achilles. but he kept coaching, and he told me he had no idea it was ruptured for months. >> i had physiotherapy and everything done to it. i rested it. i iced it. i come pressed -- >> rupturered a kill lease. >> i thought it was a deep bruise and the swelling was so massive there was nothing i could do but do what i had to do. i had to work. i had to coach. it was something i enjoyed doing. >> the coach said he had surgery last month, so the injury happened the end of march. ruptured his achilles and he has
12:21 pm
surgery in december. he says he had no idea what his final medical costs would be. he says it's probably in the thousands. that's what he told me. and then i reminded him he is suing them for $100,000 in medical bills, plus another 500,000 for the pain and the suffering. while he continued to coach. the boy's parents thought the whole thing was a joke and for weeks had no idea the coach was even hurt and the guy's story does not add up. the parents are with us now. joe and regan perris. he says you had to know. he says he sent letters to your lawyers and to you, informed he was hurt, the whole team knew it. >> we got one letter -- i got one e-mail, six months after the said incident, and his basic premise was, there was an injury, he described it, he told
12:22 pm
me that we would be responsible for all of his medical bills, and that if we had home owners insurance -- which we don't because we rent -- we could use home owner's insurance to pay for his medical bills. >> if we didn't have home owners insurance would would have to take care of the bill. >> how did you respond? with a lawyer, i'm guessing. >> well, regan sent an e-mail back -- first before we responded the called the little league and say, what is going on? what do we do sneer he was coaching. isn't the some type of waiver or something that -- some agreement that you're assuming liability, something. they said, yes, market of fact there was something signed and here it is. sent it to us later. >> then he did not file an incident report at the time of the incident so they basically knew nothing. >> what do you think is up here? what is really up?
12:23 pm
>> um, -- >> he says he is good friend with your son. >> well, he is a coach and has communication with my son on the field, but they're not friends. >> there was no animosity between them ever. >> what do you think is going down here? >> -- a little leaguer. >> i think he is looking for money, and in any way he can. >> i asked him yesterday, what do you do? here, listen. >> would you make a commitment right now if you get an apology you'll drop the lawsuit? >> i would drop the lawsuit in a heartbeat if they would come could me and say we're really sorry -- . >> you wouldn't file another lawsuit? >> i would not file another lawsuit if they would do it without prejudice. >> you laughed when i asked the followup question, what do you think of that? >> well, first when he first came out with the summons and the lawsuit, it was not for an apology. i don't know there's a box on a
12:24 pm
summons that states he is looking for an apology. >> there is no box like that. and he is suing a child, among other things, and children are immune to tort, and also suing you. what about this idea of, okay, let's make it go away, what if we say, hey, sorry you got hurt. >> well, in that note, shepard, i can say -- and on behalf of regan, too, that, yes, we're sorry that he is hurt. and we hope he gets better. that's all the apology we feel necessary. there's been comments about us -- first of all, we did not get any letters from attorneys or anything of the sort. six months later we get an e-mail. >> it's my understanding you're not even 100% sure your son -- the throwing of the helmet caused the is that accurate? >> yes. there was a preexisting, and -- the helmet was tossed. and let's say that in fact it
12:25 pm
did bump his leg. was it enough to do all the damage that he is stating? absolutely not. was there an existing -- preexisting damage to his leg and yes, there was. >> i'm guessing, just as one who follows court for a long time but not a lawyer, you're not going to apologize for something you're not even sure happened because apologizing for something is tantamount to admitting somebody did something wrong and then you might be liable no matter what he says. >> absolutely. >> that's absolutely right. >> i wonder if the, i'm sorry your hurt and we wish this hadn't happened, would be enough for him. we'll ask him in a few minutes. what i get from you, you think what is happening here, this man is a doctor. we talked to his wife today, my staff did. he said he had ten patients in the waiting room there and he couldn't talk. but it's not as if he doesn't have income. you still think there's a money grab underway here and an ugly one. >> that or some type of
12:26 pm
vindictive nature. >> he says you're not train can your child right? he says you should train your child to own up to if mistakes and say he is sorry when he is sorry and not obfuscate. >> well, my son, our son, didn't even know he had been hurt by the helmet. so, we're not a understanding where he is going with that. >> we knew nothing about this. our story, being very consistent, unlike other stories in my opinion, is -- there was ball game there was a home run. we won the game. my son rounded third. he tossed his helmet. and there was a lot of drama, we hear. he drove home. how did he get home? his wife drove him home. three weeks later, i see him limping in front of me. i asked him what happened.
12:27 pm
he said, didn't you hear? i said, no, hear what? your son's helmet hit my leg and it's bruised. i said, i'm sorry. i hope you get better -- >> a long way from a bruise to a ruptured achilles. it takes athletes a year to recover from such a thing. >> after that, shepard, six months, get an e-mail stating this is what happened. >> and never anything from a lawyer. never. >> since this has gone on the past 48 hours it's been a whirlwind. i've thought, have i talked to him in the past six months? and as a matter of fact i have had at least two conversations with him from phone record that i've pulled up, that we had talked about another issue, different things that are happening. he never mentioned it then, either. >> i know that -- it's my understanding you had a lawyer last night. somebody is willing to do this pro bone -- bono, and will hope
12:28 pm
to talk to the coach. good for you for not putting him up on television. >> could i ask one more -- >> ten seconds. >> i would like to thank ross which hima for doing this -- >> they got a promo. i know, i know, good luck. hang tough. >> and the community. >> turns out your son fired the bullet that breck the leg, we're coming after you! >> all right. >> all right. >> we'll be waiting. >> lock down the house. we come guns blaring. thank you. we're going to call the doctor. somebody back there is doing that now. we'll see what to the for says, if anything. wouldn't it be cool if this would just go away? seems to me it would be kind of cool. unless you're in need of $600,000, you heard the parents' side. tweet us. or leave us a message on -- write on our wall on facebook,
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however you like to communicate. we'll read some comments at the end of the newscast. >> organizers found a new way to help the nation's veterans when they end up in trouble with the law. we have new details of a special court system. i think you'll like this. we're keeping an eye on the wildfire in southern california. this thing has proved to be awful. it's still not safe for thousands of people to go back home. that's coming up at the bottom of the hour. [ male announcer ] this is george. the day building a play set begins with a surprise twinge of back pain... and a choice. take up to 4 advil in a day or 2 aleve for all day relief. [ male announcer ] that's handy. ♪
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>> more headlines. the former pope, benedict xvi, is now reported to have defrocked nearly 400 priest over just two years for molesting children. that's according to a document obtained by the "associated press." if true, this would mark the first time the vatican revealed the number of men it removed from the priesthood on
12:32 pm
molestation accusations. 400. the surgeon general just linked cigarette smoking to everything. more illnesses, including type 2 diabetes and liver cancer. half century ann after health officialsedward cigarettes can kill. now the surgeon general saying we can't wait another 50 years. a car smashed into the window at the philadelphia airport, sending a person to the hospital. óqoqúúñ@
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a wildfire alert now. crews in california are battling flames near thousands of homes just outside of los angeles. officials say the fire has charred at least 1700 acres now, and destroyed more than a dozen buildings, including a number of homes, at least five. here's what it looked like this morning. this says yesterday. on your screen is what it looked like this morning. hundreds of firefighters on the
12:35 pm
ground and in water-dropping planes and choppers fought back the fireline through the night. they say they have tamed it. their word. but the conditions are still extreme. the flames breck out yesterday morning in the foothills of the san gabriel mountains. this is los angeles, hermosa beach, manhattan beach and pacific palisades and this is downtown los angeles, and to the east and north, this is glendora and this is where it started, and now the flames are moving up the canyons here, and they're trying to keep it away from the angeles national forest. if it spreads there they've got real trouble. crews say they now focusing on northern end of the fireline in an effort to keep the spread from happening. officials let folks in glendora go back their homes last night but thousands of people are still under mandatory evacuation orders. the cops arrested three suspects
12:36 pm
whom they believe started this thing when they tossed paper into a campfire. cops say looks like it was an doesn't. here's more from our extreme weather center. the question is, what is fueling this? i know it's bone dry out there. >> it's the drought. that's a bigger problem, and santa ana winds. you get those winds this time of year, december, november, january, but generally you don't have such dry conditions across much of california. in fact all of it. here's where the red-flag warnings or. we still have the conditions today. more santa ana winds kicking up tonight and there isn't any big break in the pattern for the next number of days, the next couple of weeks, i hate to say. this high pressure over the great basin, funnels the winds here across areas of southern california and then meets the canyons, narrowed into the canyons and that air sinks, gets the wind -- the last couple of
12:37 pm
days, 60-miles-an-hour, tonight we'll see maybe to around 30-miles-an-hour, but a very low humidity and then the winds just potentially cause more fires. but, shepard, the bigger problem it right here. california dealing with drought. and the governor issuing a drought emergency. we're talking about areas -- everyone encouraged to use 20% less water, not mandatory yet. but so much of this area, in fact the entire area, dealing with the driest 2013 ever and now the driest january ever. deficits anywhere from 12 to 15-inches of deficit across the area. this pattern we're in stay here's, dry conditions continue, no big changes. no changes to the story for a while. >> thank you, sir. a group of judges and volunteers has set up special courts for veterans accused of crimes. in particular those struggling with drug and alcohol addiction.
12:38 pm
or post traumatic stress, or brain injury. officials say this gives the veterans the treatment that it they need but not a get out of jail free card. our jonathan is in our newsroom in atlanta. how do these special courts work? >> the rules vary from court to court and there are more than 160 veteran treatment courts nationwide. some places require you have an honorable discharge in order to participate. but the veterans court in columbus, georgia, will consider anybody who served in the military, provided they have not excited a serious violent crime. defendants appear before the judge once a month to verify they're following through on treatments for ptsd, drug dependencies or whatever underlying issues that contributed to their legal troubles. >> i tell them this is not get out of jail free card, and it has stipulations and you get into treatment, take your medication, don't use any drugs
12:39 pm
and alcohol. we do frequent drug screenings. >> reporter: defendants who complete the 18-manage program -- well, they avoid jail time, but at the end they have a very good chance of seeing the charges against them dropped. >> what are the stories behind these veterans and these courts? >> reporter: court officials say they've been seeing a lot of young people coming from the battle fields of iraq and afghanistan, some with deep emotional scars, others with serious physical wounds that were treated with prescription pain killers. many of these veterans now becoming hooked on those pain killers. others went into the military with preexisting issues that never went away or got worse. one army veteran faced multiple charges stemming from a hit-and-run accident last year. was able get to out of jail by joining the veterans court in columbus, now living in transitional housing at a religious charity and is required to undergo routine drug testing, treatment for addiction to prescription pain mets and is
12:40 pm
also required to look for a job. listen. >> i want to have my own house, my own vehicle, everything in my name, definitely have a wife and kids, and i just want to have a normal life. >> reporter: court officials say it is a lot less expensive and far more effective to monitor the treatment of these veterans rather than simply locking them up in prison. shep? >> jonathan, thank you. now to an incredible story. a young woman's parents say they were stunned to discover her father is not her father at all. they say tests show that the real father is this man, a worker at a fertility clinic they use, who apparently kept photos of the babies he, quote, helped conceive. the accusation is, he took daddy's and replaced it with his own in this artificial insemination clinic. coming up we'll speak with the
12:41 pm
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[ female announcer ] call an allstate agent and get a quote now. just in to fox news from the controversy surrounding the governor's office in new jersey and the george washington bridge. lawmakers in jersey have subpoenaed a bunch of staffers from governor christie's office. a panel is demanding the office hand over any documents related to the george washington bridge scandal. this all goes back to the days of the traffic tieup on the bridge last year. e-mails from the governor's staffers indicate that the traffic jam was indeed some sort of plot to get political revenge. governor christie has maintained throughout that the whole thing blindsided him, he had no part in it, and to this day there is no evidence to indicate that the governor was involved in any way. but lots of questions how everyone in his administration seems to have had a hand in this but he knew nothing. governor christie happens to be traveling to florida this
12:45 pm
weekend for political fundraisers. analysts say the trip will be a big test of what donors think how he handled the scandal, and i should tell you this. just yesterday, as he was down the shore just a bit, the governor says i'd always lived in new jersey and plan to live in new jersey for the rest of my life. a completely different answer than he had given about his future in the past, with many left wondering is the governor not going to run for president anymore? we do not know. we're waiting for updates. we'll give them to you when we have them. there is breaking news now on fox news channel. this coming to us from philadelphia. police tell our local station there has been a shooting there, and that shooting has happened at delware valley charter high school. two shots. one male, one female, shot in the gym at the school. at this moment it is unclear to us whether the shots came from inside or outside the school, and, frankly, we do not know who is hurt, whether these are
12:46 pm
students or anyone else. rob over here has a location for us. this is that school, i guess. >> this is the school, and it happened at delware valley high school at 5201 old new york road in philadelphia. it's really all we know as far as location. >> this has just come in. it's not in the local newspaper there yet, not on the wire services. the tv cameras are not up in the air but way have had confirmed a number of people have been shot and we believe the shooting -- those who were shot have -- it happened inside the gym, and now we do have pictures from above. these live pictures courtesy of wtxf0, fox station for philadelphia, and there's some security prepares there but it's our understanding that this either it only happened in the last few minutes or the word only got out in the last few minutes. we don't have any idea who the shooter was or whether that shooter is in custody. we can often tell by the sort of
12:47 pm
way that the police and other security personnel are conducting themselves, whether there's an active search for a shooter. frankly, from the looks of things here, if i had to guess -- what is that, kim? -- if i had to guess i would say there is not an active search for a shooter as authorities seem to be milling around quite casually. we do know that the two people hurt, we have reason to believe they're going to be taken to the hospital. we have nothing to confirm that just yet. again, two people shot in a school shooting in philadelphia. more details on that when we come back.
12:48 pm
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continuing coverage of break news here on the fox news deck. philadelphia, these pictures courtesy of wtxf. they're telling us two people have been shot now at the
12:51 pm
delware valley charter high school in philly. two people shot. one a male, one a female. early word is it happened in the school gym. we don't know whether the shots came from inside the school or outside the school. police are in investigating. people are milling about without a lot of anxious chatter there. so our hope is that the shooter is in custody or had been disabled, and things will get back to normal. we don't know whether the students went to the hospital. when we have that information we'll get it to you. there's more breaking news. a tupelo, mississippi man, pleaded guilty to sending poison-laced letters to officials, including president obama. to cover this story in april. officials intercepted the letters which went to the president and -- i believe -- mississippi center roger wicker and a judge as well. somebody sent all of this, and only the judge actually got the
12:52 pm
letter. the president and the judges were both -- i mean the president and the politicians were beth enter -- both intercepted. the prosecutors recommended a 25 year sentence. today, this man, who was charged with sending this poison letter, is in a court hearing in oxford, mississippi now, where they're about to have a change of plea agreement. we assume he is about to plead guilty to something. the 25 year prison sentence, we're not sure. first, the parents of a 21-year-old girl say they were shocked to discover a worker at a fertility clinic they used is actually the biological father of their child. and now they're warning other families who use that clinic to check their children's dna. this image shows the work as a young man. and look at this photo. shows the girl when she was younger. decide for yourself where you see a re semblance.
12:53 pm
the girl's parents recently learned of the whole thing. they thought it would be a fun idea to do a home dna test to learn more about their genealogy. when the results came back the parents say it showed the girl was in the related to her father. that clinic happened to be at the university of utah in salt lake city. the clinic is now closed. university officials say they have been investigating this case since april. they tell us two other families have so far contacted them over concerns that the same worker may be the father of their children. as it turns out, that worker is now dead. the girl we mentioned is annie bronham, her mother is pamela some they're both with us here. i know that you spent six months or so kind of dealing with this as a family and in a private way and trying to get past it, and now you feel like you have a mission. is that right? >> that's right. >> tell me about it.
12:54 pm
>> well, when we went into the clinic, he had a brag board full of dozens of baby pictures and would proudly say those are the babies he helped parents have. and that took it a whole new meaning when we got back the dna test and realized that annie and john were not related. >> annie, when you've got these results, i can't even imagine what a young woman -- what would be going through your mind. >> it was world-shattering. took me a long time to really fine out what that meant. the moment my mom told me that i wasn't biologically related to my father, took me a minute. i was like, what does that mean? >> annie, how did your father take it? >> it was definitely hard at first. as i'm sure you can imagine. >> where are you now as a family? how have you been able to work through this? >> i think it's definitely brought us closer together.
12:55 pm
you have very deep conversations that you probably wouldn't have if something like this hadn't happened. so the three of us had to really share deep thoughts and soul soul-searching questions and answers. i have never even heard or thought of anything like this. it would never have crossed my mind this could ever happen anywhere. i'm guessing the same was true for you. >> absolutely. >> so this wall of pictures, how many pictures are up there, and what is your sense of things here? >> there were dozens and they were overlapping. almost like a collage. and initially when he said that, gave me hope that this would be the time that my house and i would be able to -- my husband and i would be able to conceive. there were a lot of pictures up there but it took on a whole new meaning when my eyes were looking at something that my
12:56 pm
heart refused to believe. >> pamela and annie brannum, i know you want others who used the clinic to come forward. best of luck to both of you. >> thank you. >> final look at the markets right after this. we know we're not the center of your life, but we'll do our best to help you connect to what is.
12:57 pm
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12:59 pm
>> back to the little league coach demanding $600,000. we asked you to tweet us about the former player and the lawsuit. and ryan has some of them. >> the tweets have been pouring in. this person says after hearing both sides sounds like the incident happened but could be a money grab and if were a judge they would have a conclusion, both sides pay. one person says the coach's story isn't adding up and. then finally this person up here sums it up nicely, hash tag, no crying in baseball. >> hash tag greed. >> this coach doesn't have a leg to stan on, clearly pun intended. >> it did take a while. never heard of a torn achilles
1:00 pm
that acted quite like his did. we weren't even go to show you the dow because it was so flat. and now we're up 35 on the session, which is knew in the last few minutes. neil well let us know why. >> neil: we're not too sure about stocks but the national security agency can still snoop, just in a very different way. >> i'm neil cavuto. a possible government breach clamping down, putting new limits on the nsa and how it collects phone data for millions of meshes. >> i'm therefore ordering a transition that will end the section 215 bulk metadata program at it currently exitses, and establish a mechanism that preserves the capabilities we need without the government holding this bulk metadata. >> that would be the section 215 bu


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